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Nrityangana Kala Manch

Nrityangana Kala Manch, a center for the enchanting dance form of Kathak, as well as Folk, Semi-Classical, and Rabindra Sangeet (Tagore Dance), was envisioned by Smt.Vaishali Bhattacharya. Since its establishment in 1996, this esteemed institution has flourished, garnering acclaim for its unwavering commitment to the diverse world of classical dance.

Our mission is to elevate the artistry of Kathak and preserve our invaluable cultural heritage through the mesmerizing realm of Indian traditional dance. We firmly believe in the power of modernization while honoring our roots, gracefully sidestepping the perils of westernization. Guided by this principle, we strive to expand the horizons of India’s rich and vibrant culture, ensuring that this sublime art form resonates with both contemporary audiences and future generations.

Steering the ship of Nrityangana Kala Manch is the visionary Smt.Vaishali Bhattacharya, a maestro of Kathak, with over 30 years of experience in both captivating performances and imparting her profound knowledge of various dance styles.

Qualifications and Experience she holds:

Smt.Vaishali Bhattacharya’s journey into the world of Kathak dance commenced at the tender age of 3. Displaying prodigious talent, she completed her diploma at the age of 12 under the esteemed guidance of Rajashree Bhadra from North Bengal. Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she sought to further refine her skills and joined the renowned Kanika Ghosh at Mandi House, Sangeet Bharti in Delhi.

Continuing her quest for artistic growth, Vaishali Bhattacharya received advanced training under the esteemed Mamta Maharaji. She had the privilege of being groomed by the legendary Saswati Senji and the revered Kathak Maestro, the late Padma Vibhushan Pt. Birju Maharajji, at Kalashram. Under their guidance, she delved deeper into the intricacies of this captivating dance form.

Smt.Vaishali Bhattacharya’s artistry graced numerous esteemed venues across India, where her performances mesmerized audiences with their grace, precision, and profound expression.