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Nrityangana Kala Munch

Nrityangana Kala Munch is dedicated to Semi classical, Kathak, Folk and RabindraSangeet (Tagore Dance) conceptualized by Vaishali Bhattacharya. It was established in 1996 and since then it has been one of the prestigious dance academies for the different form of classical dance.

The goal is to advance our specialty and social legacy through Indian traditional move shapes. We have faith in modernization without westernization. Our proverb is to broaden the comprehension of Indias rich and different culture and make this good workmanship agreeable to our current and who and what is to come.

Nrityangana Kala Munch is led by Vaishali, having more than 20 years of experience in dancing and teaching all the forms of dance.

Qualifications and Experience she holds:

Vaishali Bhattacharya was initiated in Kathak dance at the age of 3 years. She completed her diploma in the year 1990 at the age of 12 years under the guidance of Rajashree Bhadra from North Bengal. Consequently, eager to continue her training she joined Kanika Ghosh at Mandi House, Sangeet Bharti in Delhi.
Later, under Mamta Maharaji, she received her advanced training. Presently, she is grooming by Saswati Senji and the Kathak Maestro Pt. Birju Maharajji in Kalashram.
Vaishali Bhattacharya has performed at many prestigious venues in India. Recently, she has also choreographed many dance performances such as Buddha dance drama, Unity in diversity, ‘Riturango’, etc.