Semi Classical Dance :

This kind of move breaks the adapted structures and types of the traditional move, and embraces a more contemporary feel and steps,. Up and down the ethos of the fundamental move stays flawless. Semi-established is the mix of traditional move performed on any Bhajans and Ghazals.

Established move shapes depend on elegance and formal signals, steps, and poses. Indian Classical Dances depend on Natya Shastra.

Kathak :

The Indian established move is one of the unmistakable portrayals of our antiquated rich legacy and culture on the planet. Kathak is the north Indian style of traditional move described by cadenced footwork moved under the heaviness of in excess of 100 lower leg chimes, fabulous turn, and the sensational portrayal of subjects from Persian and Urdu verse close by those of Hindu folklore.
The move developments incorporate various pirouettes executed at lightning velocity and completion in statuesque stances.

Nrityangna conducts ordinary classes for Dance Therapy and Classical Dance Kathak. Certificate/Degree Courses are been directed for occupation introduction. It shifts from one year to eight years.

Folk :

Training in Dance can be begun from an early age – five or six. On the off chance that you try for a vocation in the move, you ought to have an innate ability which can be honed with preparing and direction. All you require is the self-control to ace the workmanship.
The fundamental necessity for preparing in the move is 10+2. Be that as it may, for postgraduate level courses, graduation in the subject is mandatory.

RabindraSangeet (Tagore Dance) :

It is an uncommon move shape in West Bengal, in view of RabindraSangeet, which is made by Bengals artist Great RabindraNath Tagore.